PRP (Patelet Rich Plasma)

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PRP is the plasma and platelets of your own blood which contains high concentration of growth factor to help the regeneration of soft tissue. The best thing about using PRP is that it is all natural and comes from your own body. 

What is PRP?

PRP is a high concentration of platelets surrounded in its own plasma. A small amount of blood is drawn and the red cells are isolated from the platelet-rich plasma. Since the autologous Platelet-Rich Plasma is processed from the patients own blood, there is virtually no risk of an allergic reaction, making this treatment safe for all skin types.

How does PRP work?

During the procedure, blood is drawn from your body (usually your arm). It is then spun to separate the plasma from the red blood cells. The platelets are akin to stem cells and contain hundreds of proteins, called “growth factors,” which promote healthy healing and cell growth. Our physician will create a treatment series based on your individual and personal needs.

Increase's Collagen Growth

Promotes Hair Growth

Natural Results