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What are skin tags?

Skin tags are small flaps of tissue that are usually formed in places where the skin folds or creases (eyelids, neck, armpit, back and chest).

How Does Cryotherapy Work?

Three part diagram explaining how the Freezpen works.
At LEVEL, we use cryotherapy treatment to erase skin tags. The unique applicator’s tip creates a focused, high-pressure jet of extremely cold nitrous oxide gas that is targeted at the skin tag allowing for exact precision and detail.
The pen is used to freeze the water in the skin tag, rupturing the cell membrane and destroying it. After the treatment, the skin tag should heal over, creating a brown scab and then disappear over time.

Skin Tag Removal Treatment

Available for face & body!

Skin Tag Removal

$45 Per Lesion

Eminence Mangsoteen Facial FAQ

Most skin tags can be treated in a single treatment. However, skin tags come in many sizes, and skin tags with a larger base may require an additional treatment. 

While the treatment itself takes less than 5 minutes, we recommend setting aside 15-30 minutes so that we can give a full consultation and walk you through your healing process and aftercare.

Freezpen treatment is relatively pain-free, with most of our patients experiencing a mild stinging sensation for only seconds. It’s often described as a light pinching sensation.

There will be some redness and minor swelling which will dissipate within 24-48 hours.